Narcissism and Empaths

From a Narcissistic point of view, much information online can help those stuck in a narcissistic relationship to not only understand the signs but make wise decisions.The problem is this personality disorder is rarely seen as spiritual.
This is an unfolding phenomenon that is only getting worse as our culture crazes over individuality and self-seeking pleasure at the expense of something or someone else. It is the guy who makes you feel like you are the only person he ever needed or the woman who flaunts her looks to attract men into her web, that undying desire you fall victim too. From a biblical account these types of persons are also called to have a JEZEBEL spirit. Men and woman can be affected. It is a spiritual dilemma to which at some point, they allow this witch-like demonic spirit to enter them and the misogyny or seduction begins until you are left, a waif of a person, unable to hear God or trust yourself. The Jezebel spirit is looking for their continual narcissistic fix. They say things like:

“I need admiration, attention, praise…to feel like a god. I have a low self-esteem and insecurity so deep I don’t have a personality, everything is a mask. The tactics I use create a sense of ongoing confusion on your part. I play mind games of pull and push away, I adore you one minute and tell you the opposite a couple of minutes later. I am hot and cold, idealize you and then discard you, all in attempt to control you. I am an empty vessel seeking to steal your identity. I take on your likes and dislikes as my own. I become you, but I also despise the real you. I want complete submission at your expense. I want all your attention on ME. When I feel filled up, I need more attention from the masses, I need to be admired. I need more and more and more. I love to spin the truth or leave information out, all with the hope you will feel confused and begin to doubt your inner voice. I may be very seductive, fantastic in bed, willing to please. Ultimately, I can in control and you are merely a vessel used to reach self-gratification.”

This is spiritual because these people are driven by evil within. Your soul tie to them makes you a victim as well. You become surrounded by evil spirits and cannot hear God or feel his presence. You may even experience visual darkness around you. You may have demonic experiences where you feel something laying on you, choking you in your sleep. You become a victim to demonic presences. You may feel an uncomfortable presence in your home or sense always being watched. There are things you can do through the power and authority of Christ in you. I will share this later in the article. Don’t forget the name of Yeshua (Jesus) is powerful. Call on his name and evil will flee from you.

When you begin to refuse or no longer comply with the demandsWP_20160103_16_37_01_Pro of this narcissistic/Jezebel spirit, you will be punished. You may witness meltdowns, hours of degradation of your character. You will begin to think you are the perpetrator and they are the victim, you will guilty. You will experience emotional manipulations to the degree which you believe ” I need this person in my life to survive or even feel that you cannot live without them.” They literally mirror you. So if there is something you are steadfast on, so are they. If you love God, they do too. If you are an animal advocate, they are too. They are the ultimate con artist, illusionist, because they are quite aware of what they do, in fact it is purposely staged in a very systematic way. They are just like you until they don’t want you anymore.

Bottom line, you are not God, Christ or a holy Angel. Therefore you do not have the power to change or help these types. Only God can and that is if they want help. They can receive healing and deliverance but again, they must desire it. From a personal perspective, healing begins after you are away from this person. You can not heal or allow God to intervene on your behalf until you leave the abusive marriage or relationship. Period. I think every one of us have been taken advantage of these types in one form or another. The problem is they are becoming more and more prevalent,

What can you do if you realize this is your life?
Cry out to Christ. Command this Jezebel spirit stop harassing you in the name of Jesus Christ. Plead the blood of Jesus over you and your loved ones and ask God to make a way to escape and leave this situation. Command all evil spirits (by their names of Jezebel, liar, deceiver, manipulator etc) come out of you in the name of Jesus by his shed blood who died for you and to go without harm to you under the feet of Christ to be trampled and sent back from it they came.

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