Service Packages


I offer a free 30 min consultation to give you a chance to meet me, ask questions and simply feel out the online coaching process. You decide, we can talk via skype, phone or email.

Simply click here and get in touch with me today!

How this works...


If you are on this page hopefully you are ready to dive in and complete your journey on how to live as a confident empath!

I provide pay-pal services for commerce. I also have an Intuit Merchants account attached to my mental health practice, but you will have to provide your information in advance. Let me know if you prefer this payment option.

Of course your information is confidential and protected through these two commerce purchasing tools. No matter what, I will provide a receipt of purchase. Please note:  If you are not satisfied with your service, please let me know asap!

Remember this experience is similar to traditional counseling, kind of. If feelings or flood of emotions come up, please reach out and let me know. I am here for you!

This is an ongoing learning process. But, I promise you will walk away feeling more in touch with your body and mind as well as learn how to effectively use your gifting with ease and comfort.

Make sure you complete the consent form by checking the box. I cannot begin the process until you have read and agreed to form.

When you are ready to purchase a package just find the payment button on the right side of page. Thank you!

Individual Sessions

This is for those who completed a package but desire more sessions

Price $45

Package A: 3 months of Coaching

Free Assessment

Personality Test and Results

Spiritual giftings test and informatives

2- 60 minute Skype sessions video or messenger 

Personalized Plan

Free email informatives

Up to 5 email correspondences

Price $179


Package B: 3 months of Coaching

Free assessment

Personality Test and results

Spiritual giftings Test and Informatives

Personalized Plan

Free email informatives

Unlimited emailing

Price: $149

Package C: 3 months of Coaching

Free Assessment

Personality Test and Results

Spiritual giftings test and informatives

3- 60 minute Skype Sessions video or messenger 

Personalized Plan

Free informatives

Up to 5 email correspondences

Price: $199


Let's talk Money!

You may be thinking this is really expensive?  But think about it?
It's soooo much cheaper than going to a professional counselor who more than likely, will not even know what an empath is, let alone understand how it affects you. I know, I am also a counselor which give you the benefit of having a professional counselor plus a certified biblical counselor at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost.
Let's look at the costs more closely:
Most sessions run between $30-$40 out of pocket once insurance is adjusted. For those who pay cash you are looking at $80-$100 per session. If you have one session per week for two months, well, you add up the costs.
Plus, it's a life investment! I paid twice as much as any of these packages offer, but it was worth every penny! Just trust me!
Let's make this happen. Happy and confident Empaths make the world a little more tolerable since we are all helpers and counselors in our own right. You don't need a degree to be a counselor as an empath-it's natural for us.