Welcome to The Christian Empath!

I’ll be honest. After my divorce last year and all of the changes that comes with that, I truly lost my desire to counsel. Actually, I was running as far away from it as I could. It has been a nice 6 month sabbatical but I think it’s time to reinvent myself, get back in touch with ‘what matters most to me’, and that is, helping others.

In the 6 months of leave, I have picked up creating again. I even have my first craft show next week at the local downtown first friday. The theme, ‘beat the hot dog days of summer’ with your pets! I’m excited!

I’m also excited to start a new path of coaching/counseling on a more personal level. As you know, I started this website and with my first blog post, I figured I would spill my guts to the world as to why I decided to become The Christian Empath coach.

It’s simple really. I have been getting a couple emails every few months with questions and asking for guidance by other EMPATHS trying to drudge through the semantics of Empath. I’m sure you know that much information is available but mostly from one lens, the NEW AGE perspective. This leaves all of us faith believers, spiritual seekers and even those religious types, looking for answers that align with their value system. So I am here to help you navigate through it all. I even have a biblical counseling diploma just in case it needs to be used. So, take a chance with me and give this process a chance!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



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