What is an Empath?

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ARE YOU IN AN EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP and need help understanding why? Do you need insight from an objective party? Do you need to make changes?

ARE YOU HIGHLY SENSITIVE? Maybe you feel overwhelmed in public or feel like your energy is zapped after spending too much time in a chaotic environment. This is called being highly sensitive or an empath. Being one myself, it can be an awakening once you figure out what this means for you and how to live more productively. If you think this may be you, contact me today! I can help you learn new strategies and bring a new awareness. Most of all, become a confident Empath!

THOSE DARN DREAMS….Do you have vivid dreams that have plagued you or happen frequently and need someone to talk to, wonder what they mean?

ARE YOU FEELING A DESIRE TO KNOW GOD and GROW IN RELATIONSHIP TO Him? But you are not quite sure where to begin?

DO YOU FIND YOURSELF FEELING ALONE even though you have family and friends around you? Maybe you just need to communicate with a like minded person to share your chaotic inner world with.

What I have learned in 4 years: 

I have been investigating the world of empaths for about 4 years, now. There is so much information out there and a lot of it is contradictory. It is really confusing. The most difficult part is most empaths are tied to the new age movement.

If you are at all familiar with the word of God and practice faithfully, you understand how the Holy Spirit plays a vital role in your life. It is through the Spirit we are able to tap into these wonderful gifts that not only edify and lift up a body of believers but also glorify our Father.

We also recognize that the abilities and natural gifting’s we all carry is a direct result of God working through us to further his kingdom. Unlike mediums and psychics who try to obtain the same results through the spirit world of craft, tonics, crystals, séance, yoga, transcendentalism, hypnosis and the like.

Ultimately, how you choose to use your uniqueness, empathetic or empath skills determines where the power comes from.

Sadly and thankfully, you can’t be in both pools. You are either living for the light, God’s light or the darkness. Once you become enmeshed with the darkness, many are not even aware of the devastation it will bring to your daily life. Many people feel cursed, like a heavy shadow is hovering over them. They feel confused treading between feeling enlightenment and burden.

Despite your sage, crystals, tonics, spiritual emblems and mediation practices, you still cannot gain a consistent sense of peace. It becomes a daily chore to keep up with the routines, and if you are off, it must be a result of not doing something just right. It is truly senseless and cumbersome.

As a professional mental health and biblical counselor, I still don’t understand everything. But I do recognize empaths are dealing with the supernatural abilities, not psychological issues.

Holy Spirit gifts are available to any believer who is baptized in the Holy Spirit at any time per Holy Spirits choosing. However, based on my theory of personality and temperament which God gives in the womb, most types have the same or very similar gifting.

For example, I am abstract, fall within the idealist temperament and have the gift of dreams. This means I dream every night, multiple dreams in color and they come true or are part of a bigger prophetic picture.

As a counselor, I can easily tap into other knowing or wisdom about my clients, if God desires. I have keen discernment in the spiritual realm, yes, I can feel evil presences. This does not mean that everyone will have the same gifting but they will correlate with your given temperament and personality.  So just because you have a knowing or see visions or have dreams or notice things you saw come true, does not mean you are a medium, clairvoyant or psychic. It means you have a calling to something bigger in God’s kingdom. We all do. Before you start dabbling in the occult or witchcraft and even worse all of that new age crap, consider going the one who created you and your gifting, GOD.  If you desire to understand yourself or think you may be an empath, give me a call today. I can help from a Christian biblical perspective.